5 Things you can do to be consistant

OK, so I suck at consistency. I will do Blogs for 1-2 weeks at a good pace, then, BAMMO life happens. I get sick, son gets sick, hubby gets sick or something comes at us from left field to knock my off my new habit.

I am really trying to get better at this and I have 5 things that I am trying to do daily in order to remain consistent.

  1. Schedule time to blog and do live video.
  2. Use calendar reminders to help me to do what I need to do
  3. Keep a notebook handy to write down Blog ideas as they come to me.
  4. Use FREE time to blog.
  5. Celebrate every week that I accomplish my goal to Blog and do live’s.


So the first one does not work on its own for me. I find that if I set a time to do it, something always comes up that seems more important. I also get grumpy when I schedule myself lol. So I also use my Google calendar to remind me of what I need to do daily now. So far it is helping. We are just in week 1 though lol.


Having a notebook handy is HUGE (hear president Trump saying that ;)). This helps me a lot! I will be driving along and think of a great blog subject. In my mind, I think I will remember it, HA! I now write it down in my notebook or dictate it to my Evernote. What a great idea I had here, eh?


I also will blog on Evernote. I can copy and paste it later. Waiting for a Doc appointment? Waiting in line for anything? DMV, dang I bet I could do 2-3 blog posts there. There are so many times that I can just be waiting, especially with my 12 yo son when I am taxiing him and his friends around town.


Now, instead of beating myself up about it, I will celebrate what I got done! I am in Ray Higdon’s group “Rank Makers” and I now set my weekly goals on Saturday and Fridays are when we celebrate in Rank Makers. It feels good to celebrate my wins! It also encourages me to do better and keep on keeping on.


Well, these are my 5, hope it has helped you, it has been helping me so far. Let me know what you do to help you stay consistent….

Let me tell you…

I have issues. Who doesn’t right?

My biggest issue right now is being consistent.

I NEED to work on this, however, how do I do that?

To Do lists? Scheduling it? Paper calendar? Electronic calendar?


How do I get it all done?

How do you get it all done?

Every time I make a list of To Do’s I end up doing everything that is NOT on that list.

When I clean something, it has to be done right. Therefore I don’t clean. How the heck does that make sense?


I have tried the Fly Lady before. That worked, kind of, when we were living in England. I have tried to get back into it, but can not seem to.



Recently I read the Messies Manual. It was good but has not changed my mess.

So, what can I do? I have a girlfriend who told me that she uses google calendar and sets reminders on it. Hmmmmmmm, interesting.


I have never used electronic calendars in this way. Maybe it is time I try.

I think I will schedule things to do for each day of the week. Like figuring out our weekly meals on Sundays and grocery shopping on Mondays? Mondays can be errand days as well. Tuesdays will be our Home School community day and Taekwondo night. OMG I will need to

The art of teaching….

Why do they not teach children to Learn? I find it so frustrating when I ask our foster child what she learned at school today and she can not answer me. She is in third grade right now.

At home, we teach using the classic model. I do understand that at her age she is in the grammar stage of learning, but she can not even give me facts she has learned. I was asking her what subjects they did today. She told me that they were doing math. So I asked what kind of math. Addition, I asked how many Digits? She could not answer me. I then had more detailed questions. We’re you adding single digits, ten spots, hundreds, Thousands? She literally stared at me with a confused look. After trying to get more information from her, she finally told me that it was 3 numbers. I asked, so what is That? Tens, hundreds, thousands etc. Again, she could not answer me and was confused. I finally took out my phone, opened up the calculator app and showed her the singles, tens, hundreds etc up to the millions. She could not tell me what they all were, she seemed to understand the singles and tens.

I am sure they have covered this in class and our foster daughter does have a learning disability. However, I see that they are missing a major aspect of learning.
Our school systems go from grammar right to rhetoric. They are missing the dialectic phase of asking question and conversations about what they are learning.
From chatting with her, nobody is asking her to explain what she has/is learning. I believe this is the key to locking information into the brain.
I have naturally taught this way with our son. I have always asked him to explain to me what he has learned. Sometimes he thinks I know nothing, lol, but I let him believe that he needs to teach it to me, as I don’t remember or understand. He is now 12 and moving to the middle school years when this dialectic phase should be the key model of Teaching. I see it needed earlier in the child’s schooling though.
Seeing how the school system works is extremely frustrating for me. It really solidifies our decision to homeschool all the Way!

Keep on keeping on….

So, I am sitting at Panera bread waiting to meet up with a new contact. She asked me to meet up with her to talk about her hair color needs. Our time to meet was 1pm, it is now 1:30. I had am an extremely yummy bagel and an iced coffee, am about to grab my second one now.

I love the iced coffee here!

Anyway, back to my meeting. I have sent her messages, first one to let her know where I was as well as what I am wearing. The second one letting her know I will stay here until 2, then I need to get home. I also let her know that if this meeting does not work out, we can meet up another time. So, the ball is in her court right now….
Growing a business sure can be frustrating at times. But, you just need to keep trying and moving forward. I also have a jewelry business that I love. With the sale of our jewelry we support missionaries around the world. It is so fun to meet a lot of these missionaries yearly at Premier’s Rally in July in Texas. I get to hear how the money from selling this fun jewelry is being used to help people in need of hope.

I am currently learning how to do these Facebook parties with my jewelry. My favorite is still to do home shows, but FB can help add to my connections and cash flow if I can figure it out. I feel like this is a HUGE learning curve for me, lol.
So, anyway, when I go to meet up with people I have met in social media, as I am now. I bring items with me that I maybe need to read, like my FB party education. I also bring my tablet so that I can write a blog, or post on FB, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.
Take these moments of disappointment as opportunities. Also, be careful not to sound angry or disappointed when communicating with whoever it was that was supposed to meet up with you. If you need to, take a break from replying until you cool off or calm down. Remember, most people do not do this on purpose, your meeting was not at the top of their list and life happened to them, or they plum forgot. I have come a custom to this and try to be prepared to do some kind of work while I wait. I will remember to follow up as well as send reminders to people about any future meetings. Sometimes it is hard to keep my own schedule let alone helping others to keep theirs, but ultimately this is my business, not theirs.

Getting better a1c results

Those of you reading this that DO NOT have diabetics in your lives, welcome, and thank-you for your interest in this subject!

I have been a type 1 diabetic since April of 1984. I was diagnosed at the UofA (Alberta) in Edmonton, Alberta. Type 1 is different than type 2 in a lot of ways; the number 1 way is that my pancreas stopped working because my antibodies attacked the beta cells within my pancreas. Type 1 Diabetes is an Auto Immune disease. I went on insulin immediately, and almost died when I was diagnosed.

Fast forward through 1 marriage, dealing with infertility, figuring out MY diabetes. I was in a study and had 2 islet cell transplants October and November 2000. They injected beta cells into my liver and I went on many antirejection drugs. At the same time, I met a man in an internet chatroom. I was going through my divorce and losing my house and my business and had quit smoking on October 28,2000. It was a rather crazy stressful time in my life.

I went to meet my new man, he was in the air force and was stationed in Europe. I met up with him in Chicago, IL on December 26, 2000. He was visiting his family for Christmas. We spent some time together and it was great! I was on my mitt full of antirejection meds and my liver was still producing insulin for me.

Once I got back, I was under a lot more stress to find somewhere to live and clean up our house we were selling and finding a new job……it was crazy. My mother in law was not the person I thought she was either, she was very mean and spiteful toward me. My sister in law was great and let me store my things in her basement until I had figured everything out again.

I went to see my docs and then found out that my A1C was getting higher. My liver was failing on the insulin producing. At the time, we were not sure why, could be the stress…. I think it was my system attacking the beta cells in my liver like they did in my pancreas.
They first put me on some type 2 diabetes type meds to help my body use the insulin better. They helped for a bit, I was slowly put back on insulin. I still was part of the study though and had to go in for routine visits and blood work.

My new man invited me to come to England to spend some time with him. All he wanted me to pay for was my plane ride. So, I went to work saving money and moved into my sister and her husband’s basement for a while. I went to the Cambridge University to get my study blood work done while I was there. I spent 2 months with him in Europe and he proposed to me in Paris under the Eifel tower at night. It was awesome!

I came home and my A1C was 12, like prior to the transplant. I had it at 5 for a couple of months, but prior to that 12 was the best I could do! The A1C test is a blood test that determines how well you have been managing your blood glucose (sugar) for the past 3 months. Under 7 is the goal.
I was on multiple injections until I married my husband and through his insurance I got an insulin pump. I was always told that I was a brittle diabetic, I hated that. After being on the pump I finally see why they termed me brittle. My need for basal (long acting) insulin fluctuates through the day and the month as well. I now understood why I woke up to paramedics once per month. My hormones would change my level of insulin resistance.

The pump allowed me to have a baby! I had my A1C down to 5.5 during my pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy January 30, 2005!
The A1C balance is hard at times. I was vigilant in my consumption of food and taking of insulin while I was pregnant. I am so glad I did that, but dang that was hard!
My A1C is between 7 and 8 and has been for the last couple years. When my son was younger for some reason it was easier to keep it under 7. Maybe that was because we lived in Europe for 3 years. I am feeling rather overwhelmed with all the advances in technology as well. I can upload my blood sugar results from my pump and continuous glucose monitor and my blood sugar machine. Somehow, they all talk to each other.
My plan right now is to get this under better control. I will upload or download my pump to the site and I will also check my blood sugars more regularly and pay better attention to patterns etc. (no more ice cream, well, maybe less ice cream and more time at the YMCA 😉)



So, I have started a new FB group. I call it Let’s get organized.
I have always had issues with clutter in my life, plus procrastinating getting rid if that clutter. I tried several different ways, systems, ideas…..you name it, I probably have tried it.

I recently got quite ill. I had a lot of stress in my life and am a type 1 diabetic. My body freaked out! Last October (2016) I was in terrible pain and did not know why. Hubby took me to the urgent care clinic and I was told I was constipated. So I got the appropriate mess to help with this issue. The next day I could not even get out of bed the pain was so intense. Hubby took me to the ER. They gave me morphine, ahhhhhhhhhh. Then they did a CT scan. My bowels were all cleaned out and they could see no other issues. They gave me a prescription for tylonol3 and told me to see my primary care doc.

inflamed pancreas
I popped those pills to help with the pain until I saw my doc. This doc (on-base military doc) was fantastic. He took 2.5 hours with me to figure out what was happening. He concluded that my body was having a side effect of a medication I had been on since 2014, Effexor. I had Pancreatitis. He told me to go on a liquid diet for 3 days and weaned me off the Effexor onto Prozac. This process took a full 2 weeks. However, I was still in pain, but it was different than before. I went back to see the doc and we then did an ultrasound, as this pain felt very ovarian to me. They saw nothing conclusive with the ultrasound. My doctor suspected that I had a uterus infection. He prescribed a heavy duty antibiotic for me. After about a week, I was feeling a lot better!
Through all of this, we had renovations done in our home. The floors were done. Our house was turned upside down, as I was unable to get things properly ready for the flooring people. Plus, Thanksgiving, then Christmas.

So this was around Thanksgiving that I started feeling better, still not 100%, as my emotional state was all messed up from the stress I had been through. I managed to make it through Thanksgiving and get the Christmas shopping done (mostly online this year). For Christmas this year we were going to see family in IL. We got all packed up and I felt like the illness was behind me.

Our son woke me up Early Christmas eve day, he had the flu. I looked after him. He slept all day and did not wake up and join the family until Christmas morning. We had a good morning. On our way driving to our niece’s house for family time, I started feeling icky.Once we got to there house my health went bad rather fast. I ended up spending Christmas day with the family in the spare bedroom sleeping. I had the flu :(. The next day hubby drove us back home to Nebraska. I do not remember most of this trip, ice chips, sleeping and throwing up is what I remember. I was sick with the flu for 2 weeks. My son’s 24-hour flu knocked me out for 14 days. I started feeling better and started reorganizing the house and got some kind of virus or infection. I went to the docs, as I was concerned about getting sick again. The doc checked me over and determined that my body had fought this infection and was healing. This was a relief, my immunity has not died off.
By this time we were in mid-February. My house is starting to look better, but I need to get rid of a lot of stuff! I need to hang up all the pictures I want in my house and say goodbye to those I do not hang. Same with all of those chatchkies in our house. All the outgrown toys and games and clothes etc etc…


Love and respect

Have you ever heard that men need respect and women need Love?

I have been reading a book on this subject. It is quite interesting, however, I am finding certain things that are supposedly “male” traits that I have. He states in the book that men like to be shoulder to shoulder instead of face to face when working or just together. I am like this as well. I feel that our relationship is energized just by being together, a shoulder to shoulder and not talking. I feel like my introverted self does not care for the chit chat so much. This can make it hard for me to make new friends. I need more than just one contact for sure.

I think if he were to somehow work in the personality traits of intro and extrovert as well as those of us stuck in the middle, it would make a lot more sense to me in a lot of areas.
I do agree that women feel a stronger need for love than men do, and I agree with men needing more respect than women do. However, as I read through the book, I see his stating that the women need to just do it, and then the men will do what they need to do for the women. I wonder about this mentality. I should probably go back and read what he said to the men though 😉 before I get all huffy and puffy over this lol.
I, personally, will start telling my hubby that I respect him and how he supports our family. I have done this once so far, and it did feel weird, but he seemed to like it. I know I show him respect, but have never vocalize it.
I feel that we have a great relationship and marriage already, but if I can make it even better by doing this one thing, I Will!
I will keep you updated on What is going on with my vocalizing respect as well as what I am doing to show respect to him as well as how he is responding.

Homeschooling through Jr high

So, I have had a lot of personal issues with my health and foster parenting this year. During this time I had been assessing my son on his homeschooling journey. I was positive that he was NOT ready to move up to the Challenge program in our Classical Conversations community.hschool
I had discussed this with my husband and we both came to this conclusion, even though he has not been with him on a community day. So, this was our plan, I also was contemplating taking a year off of our community and do the CC curriculum together at home. I have been ill on and off since October 2016. So, I have not been as plugged in with the homeschooling as I have in the past. I also had 2 foster kids in the home to manage and went through a very tough time with them. I believe that the stress I was under due to the fostering situation, as well as the fact that I am type 1 diabetic, my body revolted and I was gravely ill for quite a while, then it turned into molder illnesses, but they still knocked me off kilter.

So, my decision was made, I prayed daily for God’s guidance on this decision. I truly felt the he was with me on this….

We were down to 1 foster kiddo now and she had been with us for just over 1 year. This young lady needs a lot more than we can handle unfortunately. I honestly thought that with time she would behave better (stop stealing,stop lying,stop or lessen the arguing). This has not happened. I am the constant referee in our family.

I have come to the conclusion that we need to find her a better family fit. I believe that she really needs to be an only child. She does not like to share the attention at all.
We have talked to our foster agency and they are in the process of trying to find her a better home for her needs. We have agreed to keep her until the end of the school year. We want to make this as smooth of a move as possible. My fantasy is that we find a fit and she goes there for respite on weekends. The family does not share the p level an of her moving in. We slowly tell her that this new family REALLY wants her to move in with them. I want her to feel wanted not discarded. We will also be available for her to stay with us for weekends of respite. Please pray for this transition, as we need as much help as possible with this.

OK, so back to the homeschooling….
Been praying a lot and asking for guidance,as I have not felt at peace with our decision really.
First I want to a meeting to learn about what the Challenge program looks like. I saw a lot of my son in what they were saying and I then started to rethink my decision. I started praying even more then!
A couple weeks later, our director sat in on our foundations class. After a little while she asked me to come outside and talk to her. She had observed him and she sees that he is bored. I can not believe I did not see This! It was then that I realized that he was bored in the afternoon essentials class as well.
I think I was kind of comparing us to all those memory master kids and therfore did not think we were ready. I need to stop this comparison thing, it sure can be tough to do sometimes. Upon deep reflexion myself, I can now see that I was not ready,he certainly is…


So we have now registered for Challenge A for 2017/18. We are both excited about this. Our director has even offered me a paying position in the nursery so I can be available if needed,but not hovering. I finally feel at peace about this. We will read some of the books that are required for A this summer and start talking about them. I am confident that this is where God wants us to be. `He has a plan for us, to prosper and not parish`.

James is in a Diabetes study

My son went for a test today he had to get a glucose tolerance test. I am a type 1 diabetic, he is not.He is 12 years old and he has been getting these tests done since he was born in 2005.They are checking for his predisposition to become a type 1 diabetic.So far so good he is not diabetic like I am.Diabetes isn’t as bad as a lot of other illnesses. In the last couple years we’ve actually been categorized, which is nice, we are an autoimmune disease. However that makes my immunity horrible at times.

James has decided to sign on for one more year with the trigger study this is the study out of UCLA that we got involved with before James was born. We have traveled all over the world.We lived in Europe for 3 years, and in America in a few different states.Everywhere we’ve been they have been able to get his blood work every year.The first year of his life he had to get his blood work done every 3 months and he has gotten payments for this which is going into his savings account for his future.

I really hope that this study can help them to determine whether the proteins in the certain formulas can make a child more susceptible to becoming diabetic who was born with diabetes in his or her bloodline.

I also decided to fast with James today and unfortunately our day did not get off to a very good start we didn’t get up and going until around 10:30 and we got to the lab and they were closed. I had also forgotten the glucose out of the fridge at home so we had to turn around. We went back and he got his first blood work drank his glucose and then we had to wait 2 hours until he could eat. I decided to do the same thing with him unless my blood sugar went to low, which it did not, so we went to McDonald’s which is not a usual place that I go. I got one of their mini Big Macs, oh my goodness, it was a best hamburger I’ve ever had!It might have had something to do with me being super hungry.James felt the same way about his bacon double cheeseburger so I’m thinking we were just super hungry. We have decided that for next year’s test, which apparently will be the glucose tolerance test again, we will go earlier and we will actually be able to go for lunch together someplace.That is our goal, I’ll update you next year and tell you how it went.

Fostering is sooooo hard….

So we have made a decision after a lot of prayer. We have told our agency that our foster daughter needs a new home.

She moved in with us mid FEB 2016. From day 1 she and our son have not been able to get along. I thought that with time it would get better. We got a second child in the house that summer. A wonderful young man. He was very introverted, like my husband. He was also a very calm soul. The only times he really got angry was when our foster daughter was involved. She also started flirting shamelessly with him. I did talk to him about setting strong boundaries for her, which he did. She and I had several conversations about appropriate and inappropriate actions with boys. She did stop the behavior eventually.


Our son is very much like me and has some anger control issues. They were not a concern at all until recently. His homeschooling community has noticed a change in his actions and his fuse is much shorter now. We will be seeking counsel and have him checked out for ADD or ADHD or some kind of acronym. We have always suspected some type of ADD thingy with him, but we homeschool and were dealing with it just fine. We have also decided to take a break from our Classical Conversations homeschooling community this coming year. I feel God leading me this way. We definitely need to regroup as a family.


So, because of this most recent development, we have informed the agency that she needs a new home. I am hoping and praying that this can be a good transition for her.I would love for her you get into a home where she is the only child, I think she really needs this. She is 10 years old, but needs constant supervision. Brushing teeth, washing self etc. Maybe I have been spoiled, but our son has been able to do a lot of the things she can not at a much younger age. I have been working on this for over a year now and she still needs me to sit on the toilet and remind her to use toothpaste and move the toothbrush around. She always needs to be the center and get the attention, weather it is good or bad.

I have grown very close to her and only want what is best for her. Unfortunately, our family is not the best place for her. If it were just me, I would be making a different decision. However, I need to put the needs of my family first. My heart is aching, but with God’s help we can get through this.

My dream is that she can go on a weekend respite and meet a good match for her. They will not talk about her moving in with them yet. She would go for a full week of respite with them, again, not talking of moving her. Then if they were still saying yes to her coming, I would talk to her about this particular family Really Wanting her to move in with them. Ideally it would be a mom and dad and they would have dogs, maybe cats as well. She loves dogs.


I have had some very negative feelings toward the Fostering system this last year. Lack of communication, the fact that everything should be black and white according to the system, them not listening to me nor valuing my ideas od advice about how some things should happen….I could go on, but will not today.

This will be a tough transition for our family, although we know this needs to be done, it will still be hard. We only want the best for her, but I am sure this will hurt her and we will need to deal with this as best we can.

Please pray for our family as we go through this…

Well….here is an update on this….EVERYTHING went great! God had our backs and this young lady thinks the whole thing was her idea. It was still hard, but God made it much easier than it could have been!